Commercial Design

Marimecs has experience in the design of various types of ships, such as tugs, passenger vessels, patrol craft, work boats and dredgers.

The development of a new vessel is an interesting and sometimes complex process. The bases always is the use of the vessel and sailing- area conditions, described in a ´design brief´ and functional breakdown that will be produced in close cooperation with the ship-owner. The design of commercial ships often calls for innovative solutions.

After the initial ship design concept has been established, the followed step is a full set of hydrodynamic and structural analysis, using specialized software, and in some cases model testing for resistance and sea-keeping behavior. On request we can provide the selection of a suitable shipyard, major equipment and supervision during the actual building process, including commissioning. Apart from the executing of an entire new designs Marimecs can be a part of the Ship-owners od builders design team.

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