Engineering Sustainable Solutions

Marimecs combines your wishes with our engineering skills to deliver reliable, sustainable and high-efficiënt ship designs.

From workboats to super yachts

Marimecs Ship design Hybrid Ferry

Being comfortable with yachts as well as commercial vessels Marimecs offers unique solutions for owners and yards. We are leaders in upgrading commercial vessels into Super Yachts and changing or extending the operational life of commercial vessels.

Marimecs Manta series 35 Explorer Yacht

What We Do

Naval Architecture

Outfitting and equipment


Ship systems

In and exterior drawings

Our dedicated team of designers, naval architects and engineers, enables us to deliver complete services including reliable in-house project control and management.

Delivering sustainable solutions for every vessel.

Gives us wings.



Being comfortable with yachts as well as commercial craft, the upgrade of commercial crafts into Super Yachts as well as the conversion of commercial vessels for an extended and alternative operational life are some of the activities Marmics offers.

Marimecs ship design and engineering sy support vessel
Marimecs ship design engineering NIOZ Research vessel Adriaen Coenen
Marimecs ship design and engineering tug boat
Marimecs ship design and engineering electric ferry
Marimecs ship design and engineering TSHD


Marimecs has experience in the design of various types of ships, such as tugs, patrol crafts, fishing vessels, ferries and dredgers.

Marimecs ship design and engineering catamaran sailing yacht
Marimecs yacht design submarine platform
Marimecs super yacht ship conversion

Yachts & Super Yachts

Marimecs designs larger motoryachts and sailingyachts in cooperation with shipyards, stylists, interior designers as well as classification bureaus. We consider effective communication with all stakeholders as essential for the success of the project.

News & updates

What’s your challenge?

With our diverse team of experts, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, we are primed to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. In our current endeavor, we have set out to design and engineer a 300gt commercial vessel within a challenging...

Meet Marimecs at the Palma International Boat Show

Please meet Luis Veloso who will be representing Marimecs at the upcoming Palma International Boat Show that will be held from 27th to 30th April 2023. Luis, our experienced projectmanager, can tell you all about Marimecs sustainable possibilities regarding newbuilt,...

Solutions to reduce greenhouse gas in shipping

The shipping industry plays a vital role in global trade and commerce, but it is also a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, including nitrogen oxides (NOx). To address this issue, Marimecs offers a range of sustainable and...


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Marimecs is part of the MP Group . Together we offer a unique combination of services for yards and owners.