Interior and exterior drawings

Marimecs is ready to join your project team to support your interior designers and stylists.

Marimecs has a solid knowledge of wood construction, insulation systems, structural fire regulations and composite materials, which enables us to support your interior designers and stylists to solve issues where ship’s structure and engineering conflicts with styling and interior.

By combining both tasks we create a ship design which incorporates the best of both worlds. An interior design which matches with the overall arrangement and performance of the vessel and an exterior design that still looks sleek and stylish.

We support your yacht designers and stylists

Marimecs creates:


  • General layouts
  • 1:20 floor, wall & ceiling drawings

3D renderings and designs

Material selection & mood boards

1:20 floor, wall and ceiling views

Production drawings

List of used brands/materials

Style and function combined

The planning of the interior arrangement is an important task. There is a huge benefit to gain when developing and engineering both interior and exterior by Marimecs.

Marimecs also develops visualizations and 3d renderings for your vessel. We create modern or contemporary color schemes and can also experiment with some bold design features. At every stage we can create visualizations and detailed renders for your stakeholders.

Would you like to know more about our interior and exterior drawings services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Marimecs is part of the MP Group . Together we offer a unique combination of services for shipyards, owners and suppliers.