Naval Architecture

Marimecs is well experienced in naval architecture and has executed many interesting projects. We take care of the complete design process from weights calculation to speed-power-range predictions, strength and stability calculations following appropriate regulations of Class and Flag-state authorities.

By defining the main parameters we specify the general dimensions, volume and speed-range of the vessel. With these initial parameters we can start up a project and make a first loop developing a general layout a lines plan and starting with initial calculations. To assess feasibility of the design a extended functional breakdown should be made and discussed with the owner. Due to our experience in naval architecture and specialized in house developed tools we are able to check and monitor our calculations during the building process. If appropriate tank-testing for resistance and sea-keeping behavior and even wind tunnel testing will be executed to optimize performances. After evaluating the design with the owner we will make additional loops until we meet all the requirements.

In special cases we can in cooperation with several instances perform and arrange model testing, after testing we can advise for model and design optimization according the results of the tests. Several runs are done to verify and optimize the design for earlier selected key figures as for example cruising speed and range. After evaluating the design we make additional loops till we can fulfill all the requirements.

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