André Veenstra Rejoins Marimecs

Jun 28, 2024

A little over four years ago, André Veenstra left Marimecs to pursue further growth and development. André began his career at Marimecs in 2008, fresh out of school and eager to tackle every interesting naval project.

For nearly twelve years, he grew and evolved within the company. Some people wonder if they can continue to develop in the company where they started their career. Some say yes, others say it’s time to move on. You only find out once you try. André chose to move on.

His Next Chapter

André traded Marimecs for an exciting engineering position at a superyacht shipbuilder. He is proud of the numerous projects he saw through to completion and the goals they achieved.

However, a small feeling kept pulling him back to Marimecs and his former team. After four years, André reached out to Marimecs, and we are proud to welcome him back.

His New Role

As our newly appointed Project Engineer, André will focus on both new and ongoing projects for our yachts and commercial vessels, always with an eye for aesthetics.

He excels in creating stunning design proposal renderings and is passionate about using visualizations in the early stages of design to craft appealing concepts without complicating engineering solutions.

As an engineer and constructor, André will also develop cutting packages and construction plans for new build vessels.

The Marimecs team is grateful to have André back on board and is excited for the future together.



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