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The logical choice of CFD for shipbuilding and modifications

Apr 24, 2024

At Marimecs, we emphasize the important role of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in our design process. Beyond our in-house applications, we also offer CFD as a standalone service, meeting a wide range of maritime needs.

CFD for resistance, trim, determination bilgekeel position end bowthrusters dimple grating placements.

CFD services

By integrating CFD into our design process, we facilitate the development of sustainable vessels, optimizing appendages alongside hull shapes. This benefits not only individual clients but also supports various industries, such as fisheries, in their sustainability efforts.

“CFD has become an integral part of our design process,” says Harm Coster, Naval Architect at Marimecs. “It allows us to thoroughly evaluate designs and modifications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for our clients. This applies not only to workboats and superyachts but also to unique sailing yachts like large catamarans.”

Marimecs expands its expertise by offering CFD as a standalone service, using advanced techniques such as CFD optimizations with OpenFOAM. “OpenFOAM, which continuously improves, provides increasingly sophisticated capabilities for fluid flow simulations,” adds Harm. “We utilize OpenFOAM and the data generated from our simulations to guide design decisions and enhance vessel performance. This data-driven approach enables us to deliver highly optimized designs that meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring vessels meet or exceed industry standards.”

At Marimecs, we provide these CFD services:

1. RANS-Based CFD

Precise modeling of flows around ships to predict global flow characteristics, aiding in resistance reduction and hull optimization.

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23m explorer vessel from 0 to 11.5 kn with steel hull

2. Manoeuvering Analysis

For analyzing the effect of rudders and keels on ship manoeuverability, crucial for optimal hull and rudder design.

3. Wave and Stability Analysis

For modeling wave resistance and assessing stability, guiding the optimization of hull forms for enhanced performance.

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4m wave hitting side of 46m motor yacht & working bilge keels

4. Wind CFD

Tailored wind CFD simulations for assessing the aerodynamic effects of wind and exhaust gases on ferries or other ships, ensuring pleasant and efficient operations under varying wind conditions. For sailing yachts, it is also utilized to analyze sailing balance, keel positioning, and rudder forces, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

5. Hydrodynamic Forces Analysis

CFD analysis of hydrodynamic forces on various underwater equipment, ensuring optimal design and performance

Open full hatch CFD video

92m superyacht with open tender bay hatch for swimming pool or tender storage.

Additionally, clients with larger vessels or those using foiling technology can benefit from specific optimizations through follow-up studies with other parties in partnership with Marimecs.

Optimize your vessel with CFD

Explore how Marimecs’ advanced CFD solutions can enhance your vessel’s performance and sustainability. Contact Jelle Grijpstra or Harm Coster to learn more about our CFD services for creating more sustainable and efficient vessels.

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