The new S-Class jackup design bridges the gap between GMS’ existing seven K-Class assets currently operating in the Middle East in water depths of up to 45m and equipped with 36 and 45 ton crane options, and its two E-Class harsh weather dynamic positioning (DPII) vessels currently working in the North Sea and suitable for worldwide operations in water depths of up to 65m and with 230 ton and 300 ton cranes.

The S-class jackup falls mid-way between the two classes and is based on a modified Gusto design called the S-Class. They just started the building of the first of three new S-Class barges. The S-Class will have DPII and will operate in depths of up to 55m, however it will be a smaller and more utilitarian harsh weather barge than the E-Class. It will have 800 sq m of deck space, a 150 ton main crane, a 15 ton auxiliary crane, and will accommodate from 150 to 300 people.

The S-Class jackups will be used for services in the oil and gas sector and for offshore wind farm maintenance, in northwest Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and West Africa.

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