Marimecs has been involved in the engineering, structural (re)design, Naval architecture and the checking of systems with respect to the new design and class requirements for the extensive refit of a 85m Mega Yacht.

This extensive refit took place in Amico & Co’s shipyard’s dry dock and took a total period of 16-months to complete. The hull was lengthened from 85m to 91,5 m, with a complete upgrade of the two main engines and three generators. One of the major challenges was the requirement to cut the stern back by 16.5m to be able to create a new section meeting the after refit Hydrodynamic requirements. The hull has been scanned in 3D which forms the base for the new faired aft section.

The new engines needed new foundations, shaft realignment, new rudder stocks and exhaust runs. Special design features were incorporated into the external aft part to provide outstanding comfort and exclusive features. A new beach club area has been created on the lower aft deck, with two side folding side platforms and a tender bay which functions as a swimming pool.

As well as hull lengthening, there is also considerable alteration of the superstructures with the extension of the three decks and corresponding deckhouses, with all works following the applicable international rules and regulations.

For the lengthening of hull and superstructure sections Marimecs has engineered a complete CNC cutting package, enabling the yard to assemble the new aft ship section by section and to make installation and on site optimal efficient!

A shortlist of some key elements of the Marimecs deliveries for this refit project:

  • Hull extension (lengthening up to 91,5 m)
  • Extension of bridge, upper and sun deck
  • 3D Scan of hull before refit
  • delivery of CNC package for new sections
  • New Transom / bottom hatch
  • Beach club with folding platforms
  • Installation of new (more powerful) engines.
  • Inside Tender Storage / Swimming pool
  • New ballast keel
  • Weight calculation and weights tracking
  • Inclination tests and stability reports



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